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Helping individuals with complex care needs communicate, learn, and manage their daily lives

Mozzaz TalkingTiles delivers a personalized care solution to support individuals with a chronic illness, disability, or behavioral health disorder. TalkingTiles is designed for use by individuals of any age to support their daily needs and enhance their overall quality of life. It offers clinical grade Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) features in addition to supporting interactive learning, therapy and daily living support – all in one solution that can easily be customized to fit individual needs.

TalkingTiles can be easily customized to fit individual needs and connects the individual to their care team for remote care planning through any mobile device from anywhere.

The TalkingTiles app can be downloaded from your favorite app store. This includes access to the Mozzaz Portal that provides collaboration with caregivers, clinicians and includes an online library of pre-built care plan content and relevant multi-media content (synthesized voice output, pictures and videos). The Portal can also be used to enhance the individual's ongoing treatment by offering secure access to monitoring and tracking data.

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How TalkingTiles is Helping

nonverbal boy


Nonverbal Boy with Autism

A nonverbal autistic boy uses TalkingTiles to communicate his wants, needs, and feelings through the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) capabilities of TalkingTiles running on his iPad. His parents are able to program their son’s pages with help from ready-made content available through the Mozzaz Portal. They are using a boy’s voice for voice output and a mix of symbol images and real pictures to personalize his content. The parents have granted access to the boy’s speech & language pathologist (SLP) and special-ed teacher, who are able to review his therapy pages on their own computer and even make changes remotely. 


special education


Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher supports several children with cognitive learning disorders. She creates interactive cause and effect learning activities and pages for TalkingTiles used by her students. She uses her Mozzaz Care PRO account to access and create each student’s lesson plans and activities including the data she wants to track right from her computer. 


voice banking


Voice Banking for an ALS Patient

An elderly man diagnosed with ALS, a motor neuron disease, is beginning to lose his ability to speak. His family and speech therapist have started voice banking, or recording words and phrases by the patient while he is still able to speak. His family takes pictures with their device and records the patient’s voice through TalkingTiles which gets saved to their Mozzaz Portal account. 


Mozzaz Gives Back!

Working together with the Dell Healthcare team and Give Forward, Mozzaz provided LEEP Forward, a centre for children with autism in Chicago, Illinois, 12 Dell tablets set up with TalkingTiles accounts. Watch as the children's first experience with TalkingTiles.

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