Mozzaz CEO to speak at HIMMS 2014 Panel

Mozzaz CEO to speak at HIMMS 2014 Panel ‘Beyond BYOx – The Internet of Things in Healthcare’

Our CEO, Sammy Wahab, will be participating in a panel discussion at the HIMMS 2014 Conference later this month in Orlando, Florida. The panel, moderated by Dell Healthcare & Life Science’s Alex Castillo, looks at the trend of patients bringing their own devices to healthcare settings for the purpose of treatment and connecting with their care team. 

The expert panel will discuss how BYOx has affected healthcare, and strategies organizations are adapting to manage this trend.  Further to that, they will explore how today’s implementation of a scalable BYOx strategy can prepare healthcare organizations for the future of connected devices.  Sammy will provide his insight and experiences as the man behind talkingtiles, and how our collaborative approach to consumer driven healthcare is putting the access to care in the hands of the patient, allowing them to access therapy and treatment when they need it. 

Catch Sammy with the rest of the panel speakers on Wednesday, February 26 at 7:30am. Click here to Register

Expert panelists include:

  • Milton Chen , CEO, VSee
  • Trey McMillian, VP of Information Systems, Vidant Health
  • Sammy Wahab, CEO, Mozzaz Corporation
  • Ben Wilson, MBA, MPH, Director, Mobile Health, Intel Corporation
  • Bridget Winders, Executive Director, Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences


Alex Castillo, Solutions Marketing Strategist, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences

Giving is not a leap of faith, it's a LEEP Forward!

Giving is not a leap of faith, it’s a LEEP Forward!

You know the phrase ‘you have to give a little to get a little’?  Well that is just what we did, but what we got was more than just a little!  Working together with the Dell Healthcare team and Give Forward, we provided LEEP Forward 12 Dell tablets set up with talkingtiles accounts.  And do you know what we got?  The awesome feeling of seeing the kids and staff excited about their new therapy tools!



The staff at LEEP Forward created a fun, engaging activity for the kids to find the tablets through a scavenger hunt.  Imagine their surprise when they found them, turned them on and found talkingtiles!  We can’t wait to start supporting them through their journey with our solution.  

Give Forward was on site helping with the day and documenting the excitement.  We’d like to give a special shout out to Whitney Johnson for her support and running commentary to keep us posted on how the day was going!  Whitney and Give Forward team really helped deliver the donations in a way that made a huge impact.

LEEP Forward is a centre for children with autism in Chicago, Illinois.  Their programs are designed to help support social emotional development in order to build the foundations for social and academic success. To find out more about them, visit their website.

Give Forward is an online fundraising platform for medical expenses incurred by people.  They have helped to raise over $85,000 to help people in need!  Find out more on their website.

Getting Creative with Interactive Tiles

A tile can do more than talk. It can be a gateway to an interactive experience within talkingtiles. Users have the option to link their tiles to multiple actions: link to webpages, audio clips, images, other talkingtile pages, and even to an app action.

Creating an interactive experience for users can help to better engage, better communicate, and even better socialize.

What can you do?

Create Games:

By linking tiles between pages, you can create matching games, spelling games, flash card games, and more. When a tile with the correct answer is tapped, you can have a reinforcing “Good Job!” image that pops up in response.

Link Bilingual Learning Pages:

Maybe you live in a bilingual home or community. Mastering one language can be tough enough, but imagine two! You can making mirroring pages in different languages and link them together. For example, a conversation starter page in English with a tile that will link you through to a conversation starter page in French. You can even have 2 tiles on the same page in different languages.

Social Activity Page:

What are your favourite activities? Going to the movies, eating out, play groups, going to the park, ice skating? Whatever you like to do, you can create a page where each tile represents an activity. If you are going to create a tile for the movies, why not link it to the local theatre listings? Eating out? Link the tile to another page that has a list of restaurants on it, and each restaurant tile links to the restaurant menu webpage. Play groups? Link out to a calendar of events to the local community centre or development centre. The park? Why not link it to a website of the weather report?

Funny Page:

A little sense of humour goes a long way! Why not create a page to make people laugh? Have a joke you want to tell? Use two tiles to record someone telling the joke – the first tile can deliver the joke, while the second tile delivers the punch line. Link tiles through to humourous YouTube clips or to joke websites. Found a funny image? Link your tile to the saved image on your device so when you click the tile the image appears larger.

Tell us about the ways you are making talkingtiles interactive!

Talkingtiles: An app within an app!

We weren’t just blown away by the wind in Chicago, we were blown away by all the great ideas for apps that SLPs shared with us at ASHA. The best part of their app ideas? The unique flexibility of talkingtiles means that many of those ideas can actually be created within our app, making talkingtiles perform like multiple apps all rolled into one. With the new version of talkingtiles, creating interactive pages and tiles is now possible. Refer to the blog “Getting Creative with Interactive Tiles” to learn more.

Do you want to create an app for visual schedules? Done! An app that can sing the national anthem? Done! How about a bilingual app? Done!

This is why we call it the all-in-one app.

Creating visual schedules:

  • List view or tile-by-tile view: list out your tasks in a list view by reducing the number of columns and increasing the number of rows. Alternatively, use the link-to feature to allow you to show a single tile, and upon completion of the task, you will be brought to the next tile when you click on it.
  • Speech bar and audio – on or off: you have the option to utilize the speech bar and audio to hear each task announced, or you can disable the speech bar and audio functions.
  • Text, image, or both: you can tailor every tile just the way you want it. Your tiles can appear with just text on them, just an image, or both.

Create a tile that links to the national anthem:

Just because someone can’t sing aloud on their own, doesn’t mean they can’t participate. Linking a tile to a website, such as YouTube is easy. After locating the appropriate YouTube video (or other site), copy the URL. When you are creating your Anthem tile, select “website” from the tile Action dropdown selection. Paste in the URL and you are set! Once your tile is saved, when you click on your Anthem tile, the video clip will open and start playing.

Create a bilingual page:

Communication in two languages is not always the easiest task, particularly when you are relying on a device to do it for you. Luckily talkingtiles offers over 150 voices and languages to pick from – and you can pick as many as you want! By customizing the Text-To-Speech option at the tile level, you can create a page that utilizes more than one language or voice. For example, you can create a single that has 12 tiles in English, and 12 tiles in French. It’s as easy as that!

What ideas do you have for an assistive care app? Want to know if you can make it talkingtiles? Contact our team to find out!

From Top to Bottom: Customizing Your Menu Bar

Can one simple customization totally change the way you use talkingtiles? It sure can! Talkingtiles’ new ability to customize the menu bar makes it easier and more functional for different purposes. We’ve created two types of menu bars: one with a speech bar that can replay the tiles you’ve selected, which is a good feature for communication or AAC apps; and one that does not have the speech bar feature, which can be used in non-AAC type of pages such as visual schedules, learning games, picture/word charts etc. Just like a page, you can add rows and columns, colour schemes, and change the layout of your menu.

Each button within the menu bar is just like a tile on a page – and you edit it the same way! You can adjust the tile size, layout, color, and action of the button. To start making edits to your menu bar, click on your ‘Select Page’ button while in the edit mode. You’ll see two pages for your menu – Speech On and Speech Off. When you click on either of these you’ll see your menu bar as a page. Begin editing just as you would edit a page. For more in depth help, watch our video tutorial, Create & Edit a Tile.

The flexibility in creating custom pages and menus expands the way talkingtiles can be used in various assistive care settings. Here are few examples:

Communication board without Speech Bar

This page has been created as a food selection page. The typical menu bar has been customized to lead the user to other food selection items. The menu bar can be placed at the top of your page, or the bottom, as shown here.
Hospital Pain Chart

Charts such as this can be created for users to provide information to their doctors or care givers. The menu bar has buttons that provide detail on the pain level. Menu buttons can be linked to other pages that can lead into more information giving.
Learning Games

Create a variety of learning games, from math to spelling, from matching to memory games, you can create and customize how you want. Use the menu bar to create links to other games, to lead the user to progressively harder games, or to let them repeat the current page.
Multilingual Pages

Talkingtiles offers over 150 different voices and languages. Combined with it’s ability to recognize special characters, users can create pages in different languages. Whether you are using it as a tool to learn another language, as shown in the image here, or you can create pages with menu bars that are all in one language.
Using talkingtiles on your phone? Menu customization can help make navigation and user experience that much better!

Reduce the tiles in your menu bar to see more of the tiles on your page, or even maximize your menu buttons and feature a single tile. You can shift and change to whatever you need!

How have you been customizing your menu bar?

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